Children & Youth

Ms. Kelly O’Connor

Director of Religious Education 

It is expected that any child that does not attend a Catholic private school should attend a Religious Ed program. Every year is an  important stepping stone in a child’s Faith Journey, not just the sacramental years.

Required Forms:

Registration Fees

  • $30.00 total fee for 1 student
  • $50.00 total fee for 2 student family
  • $60.00 max total fee for 3 or more student family

$20.00 Sacramental Fee for any student making their Confirmation or First Communion this year.

Jr. High & Confirmation Programs  (Grades 7-11)

Our Confirmation program is a 3 year program. It is expected that students attend all 3 years.              

Creed/ Liturgy of the Word – 9th grade (Required to complete 10+ Service Hours)

Morality – 10th grade (Required to complete 15+ Service Hours)           

Confirmation 3 is for all students entering the 11th grade including those who attend a private Catholic school. (Required to complete 20+ Service Hours)

Required Service Hours Form

Confirmation Event Schedule for 11th grade

 Elementary & First Communion Programs  (Grades K-6)


Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is celebrated at the 9am Mass each weekend. The children process into the sacristy for special prayers and readings.

Children’s Liturgy Schedule Dec 1 – Feb 23, 2020 PDF

Children’s Liturgy Schedule Mar 1 – May 31, 2020 PDF

Children’s Liturgy Leaders- readings for the week can be viewed on the website under Mass & Sacraments/ Daily Readings.

Family Mass

Family Mass is celebrated on the third Sunday at 9am. The children do the readings and homily and are included in the Eucharistic Prayer. To volunteer, please call Fr. James at 532-2850.